As workers return to their offices and workplaces in the future, ensuring your business has a positive workplace culture is essential. 2020 has been a difficult time for everyone so it’s important that work becomes a place where people enjoy returning to and can thrive in their roles, bringing success to the business as a result. In this article, we highlight a few ways that businesses can make this possible.

Assess the current culture

First of all, before you can make any changes, you need to assess the current culture of your workplace. Speak to your staff and employees, gauge their views and figure out what works and what perhaps needs changing. Try to identify the values a positive workplace needs, such as trust. You will then be able to more easily start creating a workplace culture to be proud of.

Create a supportive environment

Now more than ever, employees need to feel supported and that their employers are there for them. So, creating a supportive environment is key for a positive workplace culture. If staff come to work feeling like their needs won’t be understood, that can create a negative atmosphere that will quickly spread. Put chains of communication in place and reiterate to managers their role in the process. A competent, efficient, and effective HR team utilising dynamic People Analytics systems will also play a key role in this regard.

Communicate well and establish trust

An open line of communication between employer and employee is also key to creating a positive workplace culture. If you are relaying important information about the business to staff, they will feel more involved. If you solicit feedback, they will feel like their opinions are valued. If it is easy to raise concerns, employees will have a far more positive outlook to overcoming obstacles.

Good communication also helps establish trust in the workplace, whereas leaving employees in the dark and utilising poor communication channels will have the opposite effect. In a post-pandemic world, trust is a vital component of any workplace, especially when it comes to knowing that employers are doing all they can to create a safe work environment.

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Promote collaboration between colleagues

By promoting collaboration between colleagues, you can start a chain of positivity and cheerful energy surging through your business. Staff working together on projects and trouble solving as a team can make difficult tasks far more achievable and therefore less stressful. Not only this, but team-cohesion and unity will improve as a result, fostering friendships that will make the workplace a far more enjoyable place that people want to continue returning to.

Recognise good work

To create a positive workplace culture, it’s important that employees know that their good work will be recognised. That doesn’t mean a gold star for doing menial tasks but when a piece of outstanding work has been achieved, make sure that those involved are recognised, if not rewarded. Not only will this encourage all staff in their own efforts, but it shows that you as a company appreciate their hard work, especially when they have gone the extra mile. The last thing people want is to feel like they are not appreciated.

Tips for creating a positive workplace culture

• Assess the current culture
• Create a supportive environment
• Communicate well and establish trust
• Promote collaboration between colleagues
• Recognise good work

If your business wants to retain employees and encourage employees back to the office in the future, creating a positive workplace culture is essential. We hope the above tips have been helpful.

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