System Health Check

System Health Check

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What do we cover?

  • How your current people structure aligns with your payroll technology
  • How well the system has been maintained
  • Reviews of Data Quality
  • Legislative compliance
  • Checking and deep diving into the System Configuration
  • System Usability Review
  • User Experience Audit
  • Security review
  • Process Review
  • Payroll Legislation Review (Including National Living Wage, national Minimum Wage, Pensions Compliance and PAYE Assessments)
  • Finance Functionality Review (Including Fixed Assets, Integrations with projects, VAT, Supplier and Customer Ledgers and Treasury management and budgeting)
  • Integration with other applications e.g. HR, Payroll, payments, CRM, finance, reward/benefits

Try our free online HR Systems benchmarking tool which can help you identify whether your current system is fit for purpose.

Phase 3 HR systems benchmarking tool
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