System Review and Health Check service

Business systems are always evolving with new and improved functionality. A system review or health check service can help you get the most out of your software and ensure it continues to meet your requirements.

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Our System Review and Health Check service provides a detailed view on the ‘current state’ and identifies gaps that can be addressed to improve the business function and digital experience for employees.

Utilising our specialist system and industry knowledge

Our consultants will explore the ins and outs of your system including the build and its overall effectiveness. We’ll work with you to establish what is and isn’t working with your processes and systems. We’ll review it with a fresh perspective and from your point of view.

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We can look at your HR, payroll or finance technology

Our consultants will examine your processes and systems and provide tailored recommendations. You’ll receive a comprehensive written review report highlighting our findings with an executive summary, a risk report and detailed recommendations for improvements and quick wins.

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Why Phase 3?

Fresh and independent expert advice

Flexible approach and style to suit you

Collaborative scope

A modest investment achieving rapid up-skilling

Get answers to 'What else could my system do?', 'What are the limits to my system' and 'What are the alternative solutions?'

Backed by a dedicated team

Make the most of our impartial advice and experience in the industry.

The scope of the review can be guided by you and we will also provide our own view about systems efficiency. We’re here to address any concerns you may have.

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