Our Values

Our Values

Our values form the foundations of everything we do at Phase 3. They are the driving force behind our great culture and inform how we act, the decisions we make and how we work with our clients.


We apply significant selectivity in those professionals we work with, preferring you to meet a high calibre Phase 3 consultant or none at all. With a problem-solving focus, we are confident in explaining the range of options and the impact to you. Expect honest, expert opinions.


Being independent lets us stand back and provide unfettered advice to maximise your technology investment. We bring external views and an overview, based on whole-of-market experience and unbiased perspectives. Our team tell you what can’t be done as well as what can be achieved because it’s good for you and not for our sales! We’re here for the long term.


We provide consistent, committed professionalism – you will get to know your named consultancy team. Phase 3 are all about openness and explaining what things really mean. You will see the same transparency in our pricing, and we avoid jargon. Scoping both Consulting and Services are likewise open dialogues – ‘fixed packages’ are suggestions only!


Our business with you is a personal one – get to know us and we will get to know you. Every proposal is different and we believe in the importance of scoping. The Phase 3 team partner with you to review things. Plans change and we know that. We’ll gauge urgency, react quickly and advocate ‘light touch’ methods. As you change systems, we can stick by you if you would like us to.

Knowledge Sharing

Phase 3 know that informing you gives us both the best chance of project success! It is understandable that you may aim to work towards self-sufficiency. We can create training and coaching plans especially for you – those who upskill your team are not distinguished as ‘trainers’ and are your usual consultancy team. Join us at our knowledge sharing events where we provide industry tips and best practices and get the chance to meet other customers who might be relevant to you.

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