Looking for a new HR system can be incredibly overwhelming, there are so many vendors out there that all have their own specialist target audiences, features and unique user interfaces.

With that in mind here are some things to look out for when choosing a new piece of tech.

Clearly defined requirements

We can’t reiterate this enough. Having your requirements documented, and understanding those requirements is the most important part of any system selection process. This will drive what you should be looking for.

Integrated vs. Best of Breed

The age-old argument that organisations have when it comes to choosing a new piece of software. We wouldn’t say that you should go looking for one or the other, rather you should go into a selection project with an open mind and consider both – there are benefits to each approach.

Comparable customers

Whilst we’re not saying that you need to go for a system used by your competitors or other comparable organisations, it’s definitely something to consider when choosing your initial shortlist of vendors. What works for other businesses similar to yours, could work for you.

A vendor that follows your growth plans

Vendors are very good at creating a roadmap of their future functionality. Ask to see one, see if it fits in with where your organisation sees itself in the next 3, 5 to 10 years.

A vendor that matches your culture

Whilst vendors won’t necessarily pigeonhole themselves into targeting a specific type of organisation, some vendors work better with specific types of organisations.

We won’t name names but there is a particular vendor that has an ultra-modern, “quirky” design that is similar to that of a social media platform. They target organisations with a modern culture, and whilst they wouldn’t exclude certain organisations, the platform has its sweet spot of tech savvy, modern thinking organisations.

Understanding this earlier will help you choose the right system that better matches your culture and end users.

Keep the positives in mind

A lot of the time we see organisations focusing on what didn’t go well, and the features they didn’t like with their previous system. Yes, you don’t want a system full of features you don’t like, that goes without saying. But you also don’t want to lose functionality/ features that you do like.

Integration capability

It’s important to understand your system roadmap and what integrations you need from a new provider. There’s nothing worse than getting deep into an implementation only to find out the new provider doesn’t integrate with one of your current systems that you have no desire to move away from.

Many vendors have chosen partners that they have pre-built integrations with. This is great, but it won’t be the case for all systems. Identifying this early will be of great help going forward.

System selection tools to help you decide

Our free HR system selection tool is designed to help you narrow down which vendors best suit your needs. Simply check the vendor capabilities you require, and we’ll compile a shortlist of your organisation’s most suitable software providers from our directory of trusted partners.

The whole process takes a matter of minutes, and our tool is designed for users on the go to quickly and easily select the most important functionality from a readily available list. From 360 feedback and e-learning, to compliance and timesheets, our tool can also bring to light various features you may have previously overlooked. You can also add or remove variables at the click of a button, and refresh your search if required.

Our HR experts can provide help and guidance around all aspects of the system selection and implementation process. We’re independent consultants, so you can be sure to get an unbiased take on the market, and what’s best for your organisation’s requirements, growth plans and culture. Just get in touch today.

Written by HR Software Consultant, Matthew Ramm.

About Matthew

Matthew is a Consultant, managing the successful delivery of the system selection processes for our clients to ensure they gain the most from their software. He will guide businesses to find a solution that is right for them, starting with a health check of their current system to determine what’s working well, where improvements can be made and what else is needed.

Matt has an HR background and uses this knowledge to provide a solution that is fit for purpose across a multitude of departments.

Matt is enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. He is married and enjoys Rugby, Golf and taking his 2 dogs for walks in the countryside.