A market-leading cloud accounting and financial management solution, Sage Intacct is built for growing businesses through to established PLCs. 

Intacct helps businesses to create a centralised source of truth, bringing together revenue information and financial data from across business zones with automation-driven processes to streamline management, and powerful analytics dashboards to highlight how your entire organisation’s finances are performing. 

But the question any business asks when searching for a new software solution is, ‘how effective is it for organisations in my industry?’. Can it do the specific things you need it to do, and factor in the complexities that scenarios unique to your sector? 

As a Sage Intacct partner, we thought we would share our insight into how this cloud accounting solution can support the thriving B2B sector here in the UK.


The financial demands of the construction industry are immense, and Sage Intacct’s cloud-accounting solution is designed to help ease the strain. 

Sage Intacct Construction helps to improve AP allocations and reduce invoicing processes by up to 40 hours a month, cutting manual data entry to save up to $100,000 in additional overhead as a business scales. The platform can even improve profit by 10% with real time vs actual project budgeting data. 

Key for construction firms though is budgeting for lengthy projects against a set budget, and Sage’s software helps to simplify this process with powerful automation features that can validate spend against budget rules, automatically deny transactions that break the rules you set, and set-up duration controls too. 

Being in the cloud means you can also access your accounting software from the office, home or site. 


Sage Intacct Manufacturing is designed to help firms within the discrete manufacturing and distribution industries to streamline end-to-end operations and increase productivity. 

By simplifying complex production and operations processes, manufacturers and distributors can become more resilient and better aligned with customers, suppliers and partners. 

Launched this year (2022), Manufacturing considers and encompasses the functionality for all the key areas of a manufacturing firm, from procurement and distribution to inventory, warehousing and resourcing.

Professional services

Want to increase project margins by 12%, and cut monthly close time in half? Sage Intacct’s professional services accounting software with full project financial management helps businesses to look forward instead of backwards when it comes to their finances. 

From creative agencies to IT support and business consultancy firms, this solution combines smooth operational workflows with greater financial visibility by consolidating resource management, project tracking and mobile timesheets into one place. 

Sage Intacct has automation at its heart, saving up to 55 hours each month on workflows and reporting. Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets, and hello to increased visibility and controls for project managers. 


Sage Intacct for SaaS companies is perfect for firms driving revenue through subscription models. With over 300 recurring billing scenarios built in, your finance teams will find it easier than ever to quickly, and accurately, charge clients the right amount and forecast future profits too.

With Salesforce integrations and over 200 reports and forecasting templates, SaaS brands who switched to Sage Intacct have seen up to a 80% reduction in monthly close time and a software ROI of more than 800% in year one. 

With investor-grade reporting, Sage Intacct SaaS helps growing firms to prove revenue models to support investment rounds, reduce processing times and account for complex billing scenarios. 

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Trusted by more than 670 financial service firms, Sage Intacct Finance helps businesses to consolidate real-time data, right when they need it. 

The Intacct solution helps organisations to utilise multi-dimensional reporting that delivers real-time insights across numerous owned entities, as well as reducing consolutions from weeks to mere minutes. 

A local and global solution, the cloud-hosted software enables better decision making with push-button consolidations and real-time reports that account for multiple currencies, asset types and locations.  

Get expert support with your Sage Intacct implementation 

Sold on the benefits of adopting Sage Intacct as your accounting and finance platform?

At Phase 3, we partner with Sage to help organisations to implement their new accounting platform and train internal teams to capitalise on the functionality available, ensuring firms make the most of their investment. 

As independent consultants, our clients benefit not only from Sage Intacct’s market-leading capabilities, but also our own in-depth knowledge on how your chosen technology can meet your objectives.

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