Sage Intacct is a market-leading cloud accounting and financial management solution, built for growing and mid-sized businesses to established PLCs.

The platform helps business to flow, with automation-driven processes to streamline management, and powerful analytics dashboards to highlight how your entire organisation’s finances are performing. 

But how effective is Sage Intacct for business-to-consumer organisations? 

Across B2C sectors, making the right decisions at speed based on real-time information is critical to achieving long-term success. Sage Intacct can adapt to the complexities of the unique scenarios that businesses selling to consumers face, from multi-locational shop fronts to multiple point of sale touchpoints. 

As a Sage Intacct partner, we thought we would share our insight into how this cloud accounting solution can support consumer-facing businesses here in the UK.


Built from the ground up to offer a solution that purposely meets the challenges that retail businesses face, Sage Intacct Retail offers the ultimate experience for retail firms. 

The platform offers top-tier accounting software functionality fit for multichannel and e-commerce businesses, supporting finance teams to develop a single source of truth when it comes to the company’s financial performance. 

Sage Intacct Retail is packed with time-saving automation features too, including simplified order processing, inventory allocation, and post-purchase workflows. 

From managing inventory and warehousing to purchasing and analytics, Sage Intacct Retail offers a comprehensive and scalable solution for growing retail brands. 


Whether you’re a multi-location hotel chain, restaurant brand, entertainment venue or holiday resort, Sage Intacct’s cloud-based hospitality accounting solution is designed with the intricacies of this industry at its core. 

Clients can spend more time focusing on customer experience with the platform’s powerful automation features, easily taking care of the different types of management and operational structures present in this industry. 

From franchising operations and global business units to revenue recognition requirements, Sage Intacct Hospitality is built with these considerations in mind, helping clients to gain better financial visibility of their various business entities and improve profitability along the way. 


Sage Intacct’s healthcare solution is HIPAA-compliant and the only accounting software endorsed by AICPA and Healthcare Financial Management Association Peer Reviewed. 

When airtight compliance is required, Sage Intacct Healthcare includes best-in-class security safeguards and advanced audit trails to meet strict regulatory requirements. 

For health bosses, Sage Intacct’s solution gives instant access to intuitive reporting dashboards, consolidating data from across locations to present data on the KPIs that matter most – from profitability per location and treatment, right down to individual physicians. 

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Sage Intacct’s nonprofit accounting and finance solution helps charities and social enterprises to become more data-driven with features designed specifically for this sector. 

Finance teams within nonprofit organisations can manage any incoming cash flow with accounts payable automation, comprehensive grant tracking, nonprofit revenue recognition and a rock-solid audit trail. 

With tailored approval workflows and anytime, anywhere cloud-based access, nonprofits can maximise their in-house efficiency and spend more time focusing on the great work they’re doing by cutting manual processes and lengthy approval processes. 

For local and global concerns, with powerful reporting features that account for multiple locations, currencies, grants and donors. 

Get expert support with your Sage Intacct implementation

Sold on the benefits of adopting Sage Intacct as your accounting and finance platform?

At Phase 3, we partner with Sage to help organisations to implement their new accounting platform and train internal teams to capitalise on the functionality available, ensuring firms make the most of their investment. 

As independent consultants, our clients benefit not only from Sage Intacct’s market-leading capabilities, but also our own in-depth knowledge on how your chosen technology can meet your objectives.

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