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Furlough Hub

We understand that getting access to the correct information is a vital step in making sure that the furlough scheme continues to run smoothly within your business.  In an ever changing environment, clear and practice advice is critical, which is why we have created the Furlough Hub.

Our Furlough Hub is designed for anyone who needs guidance for calculating furlough payments, help with claiming or needs answers to ensure they accurately continue with their existing furlough scheme.

We’ve brought together all the information we have published over the last few weeks in a single place. Along with some useful calculators, FAQs, guidance and details of how to claim, the Furlough Hub is an easy to use and up to date knowledge area.

Furlough Calculator

Updates to the CJRS

Phase 3 and COVID 19

Furlough FAQs

Furlough Claim Template

Business Continuity

Useful links

Claim CJRS:

Government guidelines :


If you need help with furlough calculations, your payroll system configuration to support furlough and those returning to work, or if you need support with reporting to ensure you have the correct data for furlough calculations, please get in touch.

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