In summary, I find it hard in contemplation of the 2016 changes to draw out a single issue which I think will dominate. I think that, as independent advisers, we are going to see the focus as very much context-specific. There will be much that gets messy here and it could be hard for HR systems professionals to work out priorities for their attention and an appropriate sequence for that. However, I would encourage an urge a note that all of these issues are shifting sands. Auto enrolment and pensions, tax and NI simplification, questions regarding pay and leave are all  topics in transit. That means take care with customisation and all that is particular to today’s circumstance. Consider if you’re in the business of work arounds and bespoke solutions as to whether they have staying power – and what I’ll be writing about in this article next year…

Bear in the forefront of minds too that our systems guidance doesn’t complete the people picture for you. Make decisive, accurate and efficient jobs on the policy and systems updating and you can then concentrate on helping those affected with explanations, guidance and choice.

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