And so, it’s taken a few years, but Kate has finally learned about football!
But how does this relate back to Phase 3 and our work?
Here are my insights into that beautiful game, and how to play professional at Phase 3:

  1. Invest in coaches and not managers; our coaches step forward from the side-lines
  2. Play plenty both at home and away; but keep your colours lime green
  3. No league tables nor divisions; we prefer the friendlies
  4. Support Manchester city but stay determinedly united [Correction: suddenly we do office divisions]
  5. Match play is about the midfield; the midfield can be strikers and who needs a defence?
  6. No red cards, just red lines of business ethics
  7. Don’t defend a title; just keep on playing your best to win it
  8. A transfer window is for inbound talent only; no price on the best players
  9. Results are out on the field and not around a (pool?) table
  10. Professionals at Phase 3 build talent by egging on the amateurs; there is a future for all to play for [and, Assad, are you coaching those kids’ teams yet?].

For the best advice on how to play football, contact: Assad Ahmed

For more advice on people technology, I am free to recommend that all of my Phase 3 colleagues are an equally trusted source of professional expertise and you can contact us immediately on 0800 321 3032.
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