Calculating Holiday Pay Webinar

Calculating Holiday Pay Webinar

Louise Johnston
Louise Johnston Head of Customer Success
Ian Harpin
Ian Harpin Payroll Consultant
David Boyd
David Boyd Lead Consultant

Phase 3 invites you to our calculating hoilday pay webinar.

Many employers are still unsure about calculating holiday pay and leave following the rules changing since The Harpur Trust v Brazel trial and the government changes to The Working Time Regulations.

Although the Government is trying very hard to produce guidance that will help employers, too many still find what is available confusing.

This webinar will help clarify some of the confusion around holiday pay entitlements. This webinar will help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:
• Holiday Leave Entitlement – getting to grips with the 5.6 weeks entitlement
• Pro-Rata (Mid-Year) leave for starters and leavers
• Paying employees for unused leave, the dangers and pitfalls
• Rolling 52-week average – basic principles in the calculation
• 12.07% Calculation
• Thinking about different kinds of workers
• Rolled up holiday pay

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