Insights into Implementation

Talking about Training and Communications in HR Tech

We continue to feature the series about Smooth HR Technology Projects: 12 Significant Steps to Success, with some independent insights into implementation.

I felt in the authorship of part 8, which was all about testing, a sense of relief as a natural-born HR professional as life gets distinctly less technical in part 9 – with Talking about Training and Communications.

My point here and threading through the article is that there tend to be two groups of customer I’ll work with in this respect: those to whom the ‘soft’ side of employee engagement in a tech project is the comfort zone and those who can’t get their head around soft but understand the investment in correct ‘hard’ system information:

I encourage you to read this with your natural tendencies in mind. If you might struggle to know which technical training and documentation may be written, then focus on advice about super-users. If you are a dab hand at writing process and config documents but are decidedly dis-engaged by ‘engagement’ then approach the need to communicate from a different angle.

Either way, the advice is here for you in part 9 of our series. I include a simple way to structure a considered plan to make sure you give your stakeholders the insights they need into your implementation work.

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