Employee Experience Review

The digital experience of employees is certainly a hot topic. Ensuring employees are attracted to your organisation and then choose to stay is critical, especially for talented employees who you do not wish to lose.

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Identify areas for improvement and stay one step ahead of the competition with our Employee Experience Review.

With our employee experience reviews we will cover:

  • The candidate journey
  • The onboarding process – including all documentation and social onboarding
  • The conversion from candidate to employee
  • The employee experience for business-as-usual activities
  • Manager experiences including people management processes in the technology
  • Review of the employer brand
  • Integration with other solutions
  • HR Support and accessibility
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The outcome of our reviews will be:

The outcome of our employee experience review will be a translation from experience to system recommendations – through maximising the use of the technologies capabilities around candidate/employee/manager experience and translating that into technical recommendations to achieve the frictionless experience employees expect.

  • Report card detailing the areas of success and areas requiring improvement
  • Technical recommendation report – detailing the specific system functionality that requires review (e.g. security profiles, workflows, portal management etc)
  • A project plan filled with mini-milestones to achieve the frictionless employee experience
  • Product boundary reviews – identifying where the current software cannot achieve its requirements
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