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Brain Payroll is a HMRC recognized, a GDPR compliant, cloud-based payroll software. Brain automates every payroll task from timesheets to pay slips (and everything in-between). The software has a true multi company and bulk processing features, which saves minimum 30% and up to 60% of the payroll processing cost.

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Phase 3 partner with Brain Payroll to provide a team for independent, specialist Brain Payroll consultancy, as well as implementation and training.

Backed by a dedicated team

We share your aim to get the best out of your system from project kick-off to each ‘go-live’ milestone and into further phases. Because we are independent consultants, our clients benefit from both our in-depth knowledge about your chosen technology and an objective perspective.

We also understand that payroll is often the largest expense for any organisation and the highest risk for compliance and financial burden. With a dedicated payroll consultant on hand, you don’t have to be an expert! We cover the end-to-end processes – but also the extra payroll processes which often cause you trouble.

Our team is flexible and will work together with your staff to achieve project targets and smooth systems implementation. We are happy to meet a brief, for example, to diagnose, examine and problem-solve, to design, implement and develop, or to train and coach towards a self-sufficient position.

A named team of committed Phase 3 Brain Payroll consultants will support you to cover:
  • Project planning and management
  • Implementation
  • System configuration
  • Data migration
  • Interim payroll processing services
  • Full end-to-end managed payroll processing
  • Integration with other systems
  • Ongoing maintenance and configuration

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