Your partners on your Digital Transformation journey

We specialise in digital transformation consultancy, providing comprehensive solutions across HR, Payroll and Finance. Our goal is to help you optimise your systems and processes, so that you can save money, save time, and improve employee wellbeing.

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We can help you assess your current processes, select and implement new systems, unlock more value in what you already possess, and connect different software together.

Why Phase 3?

Our team has been offering independent, strategic support for more than 20 years. We are an accredited, award-winning organisation, who understand the intricacies in the HR, Payroll and Finance sectors.

  • ISO and Cyber Essential certified
  • Accredited under the CIPP Payroll Assurance scheme
  • Winner of CIPP Annual Excellence Award - Payroll Service Provider of the year 2021
  • Winner of Personnel Today Award - HR Consultancy of the year 2022
  • Winner of The Rewards - Best Business award 2023
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Where people and data join forces

Digital Transformation can help your business reach its full potential, but it requires an experienced, flexible approach. Our method is to provide tailored solutions that bring people and technology together. This allows us to create integrated solutions that actually work and are workable by all.

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Payroll Digital Transformation: Integrate and Automate

Payroll is a critical function. It needs to be accurate, timely and compliant with regulations. On top of all this, the payrolls are getting more complex as the way staff work continues to change. Luckily, Digital Transformation can take away some of the burden.

By increasing integration and automation, you can simplify your payroll processes. For example, integrating your payroll and HR systems, will help consolidate data, allow you to automatically populate fields during staff onboarding and improve the accuracy of automatic reporting.

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Here to support your Finance team through their Digital Transformation

Stay ahead of the curve by transforming your finance systems. We can review your current finance processes and software, making recommendations on how to optimise and improve. You may find that you are missing out on easy wins, or you could discover that your current software is no longer fit for purpose. If that happens, we can help you select and implement a new system, partnering with you through to go live.
We’ll provide as much – or as little – assistance as you need, offering our expertise to help you streamline your system.

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HR is leading the way in Digital Transformation

HR has always been a force for organisational change, so HR teams are often quick to recognise the potential that digital transformation brings.
Changes could include:
• Automatically grading job applicants against requirements
• Introduce onboarding platforms for new starters
• Introduce self-service portals for holiday requests
• Create HR chatbots, to give employees immediate answers
• Digitalise recognition, rewards and service awards to improve staff wellbeing

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Backed by a dedicated team

Talk to our team today about how to transform your business

We appreciated that no two businesses have the same needs, but our team is ready to help however we are needed. Speak to someone today to get started.

What is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation is an umbrella term that encompasses the processes and activities a business could undertake to improve itself. Technology moves fast, which makes it challenging to even know what’s possible, let alone have the time and expertise to implement it. That’s where we come in.

Why is digital transformation important?

Digital Transformation can help an organisation improve efficiencies, reduce costs, gain a greater market share or improve staff morale.  However, you’re hoping to improve your workplace, we’re here to help.

What are the benefits of having a digital transformation partner?

By partnering with a team of experienced consultants you’ll reduce the time it takes, and the stress involved in implementing system changes. Our team knows what to look for, understands the best practices, and combines the technical skills and industry knowledge that will ensure new processes work for all.

How long does digital transformation take?

This really depends on your needs and goals. We offer a flexible package that is tailored to suit your requirements. You might want just a Health Check, to get an idea of the state your system is currently in. However, you may want ongoing support, for which we offer Managed Services.