Our partnerships are a joint collaboration between the software supplier, the customer and Phase 3.

Phase 3 partnerships aim to increase your delivery capacity and capability and reduces the risk of resourcing issues through an ecosystem of partner consultants. Our teams work symbiotically to deliver an enhanced customer success experience. 

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Our Current Partners

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Our approach to partnering follows our core values

Talent – Ensuring our joint customer has an elite team of technology and non-technology professionals to support their projects, ensuring a high calibre team are able to achieve success.

Independence  – Lets us stand back, unfettered to focus on maximising your technology investment. We bring external views and overview, based on whole-of-market experience and unbiased perspectives.

Credibility – Through partner enablement, training and attention to detail, our teams credibility is established early on in the partner process, ensuring reduced risk for partner consultancy delivery.

Knowledge Sharing – As thought leaders in HR, Payroll and Finance our teams are able to step outside of pure technology conversations, offering business context and real life experience to technology discussion.

Flexibility – We don’t believe in fixed packages and work with you to ensure a tailored client experience.