Avoid costly mistakes through a Payroll Audit

Our payroll audits not only review payroll compliance but also the solution design and delivery of the payroll service. This gives you a full independent assessment of your processes and service delivery to determine your payroll service's effectiveness.

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Our team can provide assurance that your payroll operation is compliant and effective at all times.

Catch mistakes before they grow out of control

A payroll audit helps you ensure that employee pay is correct and that all deductions and reporting are accurate. While some employees will immediately report if they think their pay is inaccurate, others can miss issues which can lead to overpayments for months or even years. You can catch these mistakes with a payroll audit, which should be an indispensable part of your quality assurance strategy.

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When payroll gets complicated we provide simple solutions

Payroll teams have been under a lot of pressure over the last few years. Between legistative changes, and alterations to the way people work, payroll is more complex than ever. Our team of experts will work to find simple solutions, so that you can rest assured that your payroll is efficient and compliant.

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What do we cover?

How transactions are processed

Payroll controls, sign off and payment processes

Third-party payments and deductions such as attachment of earnings and voluntary deductions

Pensions auto enrolment, re-enrolment and pension regulator compliance

Pension scheme deductions inline with scheme best practice e.g. teachers, local government, NHS, nest schemes

HMRC records and reporting

Accuracy of payroll and how that could be improved

Payroll initiatives which could reduce costs to the business

Independent assessment of National Living/Minimum wage regulations

System configuration to ensure elements of pay are being treated correctly for tax, national insurance and pension contributions

Flexible services designed around you

We can offer independent reviews ahead of implementing new employee benefits or incentives to ensure they are inline with legislation and will be processed effectively in your system. 

Why Phase 3?
  • Experienced CIPP accredited payroll specialists
  • Client support - we'll guide and advise you every step of the way
  • Knowledge-Sharing - we can develop your internal team to foster self-sufficiency
  • Horizon scanning - we stay informed of the latest legislation and seek out improvements to best practices
  • Flexible and tailored services to your specific needs
  • One-stop shop for all payroll needs, such as auto-enrolment and flexible benefits

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