Bite-Sized Consultancy

Phase 3 offer bite-sized consultancy to fit your project when you need it, delivered on flexible terms. This is an innovative HR, Payroll and Finance service approach already chosen by many clients.

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Bite-sized Consultancy is a service that enables you to guarantee control of your consultancy requirements for the long term and with flexible delivery by a team that you know.

What is Bite-Sized Consultancy?

For questions such as ‘how should I approach this’ or ‘have I done this correctly?’ to ‘can you show me how to…’ our consultants are on hand to do the work or support you to do the work, achieving knowledge transfer and longer term self-sufficiency. The advantage of bite-sized consultancy is that it is guaranteed and can be used for anything systems related.

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How does Bite-Sized Consultancy work?

Our consultancy team are available by phone or email for a guaranteed response in two hours regarding any request for support which will then be completed within two days. We will agree on the contact names from your team who can approach us for support.

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We provide you with a named team of professional HRIS, Payroll and Finance technology consultants

To support you to the full bite-sized scope. You tell us the volume of time you’d like and we can flex up or down depending on your ongoing requirements. If you don’t use up all the time, we can carry that forward to the next month.

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Why Phase 3?

We have experience in managing hundreds of HR, Payroll and Finance technology projects from inception to completion and into BAU.

Because we are whole-of-market, we can work with your chosen technology. We are proud to be independent enabling us to partner with project managers, technical experts, project teams and product suppliers translating requirements and opening dialogue at all levels.

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Flexible services designed around you

Bite-Sized Consultancy to fit your project when you need it delivered on flexible terms.

An innovative approach already chosen by multiple clients. Discover more about Phase 3’s bite-sized consultancy services.

Our Bite-Sized Consultancy includes:
  • A team of technical experts
  • Guaranteed availability and swift response times
  • Convenience of telephone/teams/email support
  • Affordable transparent pricing structure
  • High calibre, independent advice
  • Full integration with other Phase 3 services
  • Top-up expertise for your internal teams
  • Emergency and interim cover
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