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User Groups and GDPR – Where to Get Practical

Too often the professional consultancy industry proves fond of the material that is oh-so-strategic, legalistic or ahead of its time. And I rue that our clients are rather short on stuff that is practical today. GDPR is a case in point.
I have been keen to see our Phase 3 consultants making some sense of what is actually to be done on GDPR (and more from us in coming months on our own story here for you to mirror). It is our view that – whilst pretty easy to understand the principles that underpin new data protection requirements – it is less clear as to how to move forwards in a pragmatic way. Could we risk internal steering committee paralysis and the months slipping by and a grand 2018 panic? One thing about panic is that it lasts only so long with an intensity. And the worst outcome has to be that we learn therefore to leave with it being “OK” not to comply and “OK” that our principles find no footing in business life.
User groups are a great way to get practical. We run a network of getting client groups together, with which we have a lot of fun and there is rumour that delegates do too. This season it’s been GPDR high on those agendas.
Our consultancy services are managed day-to-day by Louise Johnston and Marilyn Summers.
Marilyn writes an article on GDPR in outline, which you can download here.
And for more about how we suggest you learn, plus 10 Phase 3 tips (one of which, of course, is to attend user groups!) you can watch this 2-minute video by Louise here.
Enjoy both bits of content here. Contact us if you’re interested in a masterclass focus on GDPR in your context. Express your interest if you’d like the team to facilitate a user group for your own HR system, in your own environment and we can explore what can be done.

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