These days we have disposable incomes (typically more of it), disposable goods (typically more of them) and a “disposable” society both defending and lamenting our waste. Have you thought about a disposable mindset coming with you into how you learn and how you work?

Disposability is thought to be closely linked to consumerism. Ironically, the thought came to my mind in preparing content for a webinar where I made plainer what consumerisation of the employee experience within HR is all about. I chose to use related concepts (Digitalisation, Work-Life Integration, the Digital Mindset etc.) to point out that – in getting to grips with this relatively new term, HR professionals don’t need to ditch the old reading list and know-how.

The market euphemism is ‘planned obsolescence’ and, of course, this happens within our own minds too. We happily allow in many professions a forgiveness that we never got too far with the last development mission, but that is OK, because now we are onto something new.

The webinar itself, hosted for ServiceNow and with HR Zone, you can find here – and it’s a great and relevant topic.

Please appreciate the difference between “old wine in new bottles” and the lesson I’ve chosen to learn from this thinking. New bottles are just re-packaging; new concepts that emerge as society develops do usually add a richness of understanding and potential to the new contexts and capabilities that technology, particularly, provide.

But I’m going to start thinking about how new things build on top of the old rather than replace. For example (and do watchfor more explanation), thinking about consumerisation tells you why today you might turn recruitment strategy into a marketing skill-set, or build a digital mindset into your organisational learning agenda.

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