The importance of employee rewards and recognition

As we focus on employee wellbeing within business, one area that can go a long way to providing a positive and inviting workplace for our staff is employee rewards and recognition. Oftentimes, focus can be placed on the negative and the positive can be overlooked, however, by nurturing our star staff and offering praise, we can create a much more prosperous workplace culture overall.

In this article, we look into the importance of employee rewards and recognition and why they are a vital part of business success.

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Show staff they are part of a bigger picture

Especially in a larger workforce, staff can feel like a small cog in a big machine which can make anyone feel undervalued. Although their surrounding team and line managers might be able to show appreciation, this may be as far as it goes and, past the point of their immediate circle, it can be possible staff feel their efforts aren’t properly seen.

This is the main reason why creating an employee reward and recognition scheme can be such a wonderful step. This is a way to show staff at all levels that they are being considered, and that the work that they are putting in has been recognised across the business. Being able to demonstrate to all employees that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed can be a great way to improve employee wellbeing.

It can also be a way to highlight top performers in one part of a business to another. If your business has a multitude of divisions which don’t interact with one another frequently, using employee recognition schemes to shine a light on those that are achieving can help the company feel more connected.

Prevent employee burnout

An issue that is prevalent across all types of business is that of employee burnout. When our staff are putting their all in it can cause them to drain and eventually burnout. This can mean employees hit a wall and, without a proper break away from work, will not be able to work at their maximum potential and can suffer mentally.

Although making sure staff are taking adequate breaks from work and are in a positive workplace culture is important, another way to stem employee burnout is actually through rewards and recognition.

Look at the metaphor of a person rolling a boulder to the top of a hill, just for the rock to then roll back down to the bottom and the process to start over again. At a point, any job can start to feel like an endless cycle and, however much someone may love their job, they may want to stop and admire the view for a second when they reach the summit.

By offering rewards and recognition, you may not make the role easier, however, you do show that what the employee has achieved is valuable and you give them a chance to see just how far they have come.

Highlight what success looks like

Oftentimes, without employee rewards or recognition, it can be hard to highlight what success looks like in a business. By bringing in a structured system of employee recognition that can be seen across the company, employees can see what success looks like to you as a business owner.

Highlighting a good job, an employee who has gone above and beyond or someone who has made a positive difference can show other staff what it is that the business is looking for from them and give them tangible goals and actions to work towards.

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Employee recognition can be an easy thing to implement in a business and can benefit employee wellbeing, increase work ethic and give higher-ups a chance to see how their employees are performing. As a new year starts, why not try to implement a new employee reward and recognition system in your business?

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