Sage People Summer ‘20 Release

The Sage People Summer ‘20 Release is being deployed to customer environments from 27th July 2020, offering further system advancements to support Sage People customers to manage and engage with their workforce.

Enhancements to Sage People in the Summer ‘20 Release include:

  • Compensation Planning General Release – after extensive feedback and Beta release, the new version of Sage People Compensation Planning is available, allowing both Salary and Bonus planning. The planning tool is available to support businesses manage their Compensation Planning Process, supporting local and reporting currencies, real-time updates against available budgets and support for multiple plans.
  • Partial Day Absences (Beta) – the time off calendar in Sage People WX now supports the visibility to display partial days, allowing Team Members and Managers to distinguish time off at a glance.
  • People Management Workflow (Early Adopter) – The Summer ‘20 Sage People release adds greater functionality to the People Management Workflow pilot allowing greater detailed visibility for each type of HR request raised and improved validation rules.
  • Enhanced Objectives (Early Adopter) – Sage People continue to enhance the Objectives process. In the new Early Adopter release, managers interact with Objectives in a new cleaner user interface, are able to assign an objective to multiple team members at the same time and have continuous conversations for objectives.
  • Summary Process Enhancements (Early Adopter) – Improvements have been made to the summary process to enable simplified customisation and configuration options, the ability to change the process background, font, and the ability for a carousel display.
  • New Mobile App (Early Adopter) – with a new user experience and a smoother navigation designed for mobile, users can keep connected whilst on the go and review company communications, book leave and click-to-call contacts.
  • US Forms (Early Adopter) – Sage People now includes support for Form I-9 and E-Verify.
  • API improvements (Beta) – increased functionality to the Sage People API, including endpoints for absence and compensation data.

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Written by : Laura Lee

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