Are we doing it for the right reasons?

We know systems can be a useful tool but can also be frustrating when things aren’t working. But rather than moving on the basis that something doesn’t seem to be working, we need to understand why it isn’t working. If it is solely down to limited functionality or that the workaround in place isn’t fit for purpose, then yes, there is a strong argument that moving to another provider is going to help with this.

However, if it’s not working because of a poor implementation, lack of system knowledge, or little to no system development since its inception, then these are all problems that can potentially be fixed with some additional support. This has the potential to be much easier and cheaper than moving to a new provider.

Are we moving with the right people in mind?

Yes, this is a piece of technology that focuses on HR, Payroll, Recruitment, Finance etc. However, should the teams that operate and manage the system in these departments be at the forefront of any decision? In short, not always.

Hypothetically speaking, imagine your HR department is spending considerable time doing dual entry and working their way through manual processes. End users however (employees and managers) are brought into the system and are using it regularly and accurately. The payroll department is working efficiently, and people are getting paid on time.

Is it appropriate to move systems on the basis that one department is frustrated? Of course, you don’t want to ignore their concerns, but again, perhaps the reason they’re frustrated is down to an archaic process that needs refreshing, or additional system training is needed.

If it is down to functionality and there is no other way to solve it other than moving to a new system, then manage this carefully and make sure you get a system that is equally as good, if not better than your previous system for the departments it was working well for.

Do we have the resources to move to a new HR system?

Software selection and implementation projects aren’t easy, both from a cost and time point of view. You should carry out a proper analysis of how the move will impact you as an organisation. Understand who your Subject Matter experts are, and what it will cost to replace them if they are dedicated to the implementation project full time. What other projects will this affect? How do you manage business-as-usual? Do you need to bring in additional support to better manage the implementation, something that Phase 3 can support you with? All of these will help you understand whether or not you are in the right place to move systems.

Have we learned from previous experience?

Ideally, you should have carried out a “Lessons Learned” exercise after your last implementation, but if that’s not the case, don’t worry. If possible, carry one out before you make the decision to move away.

Understanding what could be improved from your previous selection and implementation projects, will better help you as an organisation understand what to look for in your next project, whilst also better preparing you to spot any red flags earlier on so you can better mitigate them in the future.

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of the above, and have decided a new HR system is the best decision for your organisation, it’s time to start the system selection process.

Using our free, online system selection tool

Our free-to-use HR system selection tool is designed to help you see, at a glance, which products on the market are best suited to your business needs. Simply select the vendor capabilities that are most important to you, and we’ll do the rest.

Some of the benefits of our system selection tool include:

  • Select from an extensive list of criteria
  • Narrow down your options in a matter of minutes
  • Search on the go, from any device
  • Filter results based on number of employees, industry type, hosting and more
  • Amend your search at the click of a button
  • Access to our directory of trusted software partners

We know system selection can be a daunting process, so our independent consultants are on hand should you wish to speak to an expert. We can help you every step of the way, right through to software implementation and ongoing support. Contact our friendly team today for more information.

Written by HR Software Consultant, Matthew Ramm.

About Matthew

Matthew is a Consultant, managing the successful delivery of the system selection processes for our clients to ensure they gain the most from their software. He will guide businesses to find a solution that is right for them, starting with a health check of their current system to determine what’s working well, where improvements can be made and what else is needed.

Matt has an HR background and uses this knowledge to provide a solution that is fit for purpose across a multitude of departments.

Matt is enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. He is married and enjoys Rugby, Golf and taking his 2 dogs for walks in the countryside.