HR Technology – Trends for 2019

HR Technology –  Trends for 2019

Which Ones Deserve The Hype?

Kate Wadia and Tony Munday recently hosted a HR Technology Masterclass in association with CIPHR. To follow up on this, Kate has provided some thoughts on HR Tech Trends for next year that deserve the hype. Avid readers of Kate’s articles will know that this time of year usually brings analysis of the topic of new HR technology, buzzwords and what to look out for in the next 12 months.  As usual, an in-depth article on this topic will be published soon on our own Insights Hub.

In the meantime, you can read Kate’s article:  “2019 HR Tech Trends”, published by CIPHR, which assesses:

  • 3 HR tech trends that deserve the hype
  • 3 agendas that trend setters are over-looking
  • 3 fashions that are more futuristic

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