At Phase 3 we are big supporters of the amazing ways technology can improve UK businesses. With more and more ingenious tech coming onto the market every day, there are ways to upgrade every part of your business from tracking staff holiday to how your workforce communicates.

If you are sceptical about how technology might be able to help your business, this article offers an insight into some of the ways technology can create a better workplace experience for your staff.

Giving employees the best tools for the job

Depending on what sector your business is in, there can be specialist software that employees need to use on a daily basis or specialist technology. Although it can be tempting to cut costs in these areas, giving employees the best tools for the job means that they are able to work at their highest level and don’t have to wrestle with outdated technology or programmes.

If you are unsure what your employees might want in order to improve their role, why not ask? Whether it’s upgrading an account to offer more features, or bringing in a new piece of technology to save time, it can be a worthwhile investment and if it was requested by an employee it’ll make them feel all the more supported and valued.

Allowing employees to self-manage

One brilliant thing that technology has opened doors to in recent years is giving employees more autonomy and giving them the opportunity to self-manage much more. Especially in larger companies, organising the workforce can be a daunting task and with the challenges of 2020 on top of usual duties, HR staff can find themselves spinning many plates every day.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way. This is because there are now some amazing pieces of software that can allow staff to support themselves, whether this is requesting holiday digitally or access online learning documents. With new technology, it becomes easier to relieve some pressure from HR and payroll staff so they can focus on project progression and tasks that come up which need consideration.

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Enhanced collaboration and communication

Especially with staff working from home, encouraging collaboration and communication is essential for not only a feeling of normalcy about work but an efficient and creative workplace. Our staff are what makes our companies great and by making sure collaborative work and communication is as smooth as it can be, we fully embrace their potential.

With the correct technology implemented, it will not only be easier for your employees, wherever they are, to communicate but it can open the doors to a more collaborative workplace. Instead of relying on email and phone calls, why not look to utilise some more social media-like tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack? This way a less formal sense of communication can be introduced which can offer another avenue of discussion.

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When it comes to the effect of technology, it’ll depend on a range of factors such as the ease of use, the level of implementation and more. If you are looking for advice on people analytics technology, HR tech like iTrent software or even business continuity services, we can work with you to find the perfect solution.

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