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Business Continuity Plans

Your business can attain peace of mind with Phase 3’s Business Continuity Plans. Let us worry about HR continuity planning so you don’t have to.

Plan for the best at the worst moments with Phase 3

Our business continuity packages ensure that, should the worst happen, we can keep you afloat. We know that HR Systems, Reporting and Payroll are key operations in any business and the risk and impact of non-delivery of these fundamental services are great.

Business continuity is essential, so the HR services that we provide are tremendously useful if you don’t have a permanently outsourced service but wish to have the peace of mind that business-critical processes can still be achieved if your critical people are unavailable.

Emergencies can be short-term or long-term absences, such as maternity and other family leave. We’ll cater for both as sometimes they compound. If you opt for Phase 3’s HR continuity business plans, you can rest assured knowing that no matter the situation, your business will continue to run in the smooth and professional fashion that you are used to.

Phase 3 business continuity services include:

Access to the helpline to notify us of your emergency

Our advice on the best business continuity method, such as location and skill-level options

Planning options to source the right expertise

Our team finds the resource to deliver your service from our pool of experts within two days

Long-term planning for ongoing issues and how you can avoid repeated risk

What roles can we cover?

Don’t worry. No matter your situation or personnel that are missing, we as HR technology consultants have people at-the-ready to fill several vital business functions and HR roles. A benefit of the breadth of Phase 3 independence is that we can cover, for example, the roles of:

  • Payroll Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • HR System Manager
  • Reporting Specialist
  • Data Analyst
Why choose Phase 3 for business continuity?
  • We have technical experts of a high calibre available to ensure continuous operations for all key systems roles as well as providing business impact analysis.
  • Our service is led by experts to advise you on options you may not have thought about – Phase 3 experience is broad.
  • We plan ahead, stay informed on business projects and ensure an accurate understanding of your technology set-up and business process.
  • Because we are whole-of-market we are likely to be able to help whichever system(s) you use.
What next?

Contact us and start a conversation with our experts to find out more. We’ll start to help right away if you are experiencing an emergency. We can discuss with you:

  • How business continuity fits with other Services or Consulting you secure from us or which technology you currently use if we are new to you.
  • The key roles to cover and provide assurance for an ‘on-boarding’ date to get to know your tech and roles
  • How much you already know about business continuity planning for HR and payroll
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