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How can HR software help to grow your businesses?

The growth of your business is fundamental to your success, and watching it transform can be an exciting time. However, during those all-important first months, it’s likely that you’ll be managing several positions, including the role of HR, to help get your small business off the ground.

Why use HR software?

Efficiency is key in any business, so introducing an automated HR software can help to streamline processes while eliminating the need for personal intervention. If you’re still relying on putting pen-to-paper when undertaking manual HR admin, you may find that it’s time-consuming and distracts you from other tasks. HR software stops you from being hidden under a mountain of paperwork and instead, centralises important data about your SME. Not only does this make it easier to access information but gives you extra time to focus on HR issues that matter.

Electronic files are easier to keep tabs on, and so any questions asked by employees regarding holiday, sick pay or payroll can be answered quickly. The software also lowers the risk of errors being made and allows you to grant access to sensitive information to the people who need it most, keeping things confidential.

How can HR software help to grow your business?

HR software could be the tool you need to take your business to the next level. The ability to analyse and report on your SME’s data presents fantastic opportunities for growth and is more likely to be up-to-date when compared to your Excel spreadsheet. Being able to spot trends and solve problems early can save time and help you stay ahead of the curve in the future.

Another great use of a HRIS service is to help develop your existing team of employees. Staff are vital if you’re hoping your business will succeed and retaining your current team allows you to grow together as a group. Being able to track their attendance, collect their appraisal feedback and highlight areas in their performance for improvement, creating a development plan is made easy.

Phase 3, an independent payroll consultant and HR training provider, is here to help with your people analytics needs however we can.

For more advice and tips on all things HR, make sure to head to the Phase 3 insights page.

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