Reporting Standards: Does Standard raise yours?

Reporting Standards: Does Standard raise yours?

There is a daft contradiction in the word “standard” which implies at the same time a certain level of aspiration and on the other hand a concept of commonplace, ordinary and same as everyone else.
There is also a well understood balance in the world of people technology between the economy of off-the-shelf and the benefits of configured and customised systems.

But what of reporting? Options for Management Information (or “Business Intelligence”) become increasingly complex. Experience is teaching me that most organisations could do with a bit of help achieving objectivity in that choice.

Products tend to offer standard reports and standard reporting tools too. It may not be obvious the extent to which these are serving you well or have the potential to do so. How much can you rely on those? How much should you overlook them? What extra investment in reporting solution is warranted in your case?

We helped this season’s user group members decipher standard reports options for iTrent in the guide, here:  Reporting from iTrent – Phase 3 Consulting

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Written by : Laura Lee

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