IRIS Cascade HRi

IRIS Cascade HRi is a flexible solution that provides core HR functionality with integrated payroll, recruitment, training and talent management. This all-in-one HR software is easily tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Perfect for mid-sized to enterprise-level organisations, IRIS Cascade HRi ensures all the tools you need to manage an engaged and productive workforce in one centralised system.

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IRIS Software Group is one of the UK’s largest privately held software companies. It exists to take the pain out of processes and let professionals working in businesses and schools focus on the work they love.

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IRIS provides software solutions and services for finance, HR and payroll teams, educational organisations, and accountancy firms that helps them comply with regulations, drive productivity and better engage with key stakeholders. Through simplifying, automating and providing insights on everyday mission-critical tasks for organisations of all shapes and sizes, IRIS ensures customers can look forward with certainty and confidence.

More than 850,000 UK employees are managed by IRIS HR solutions.

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