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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

There is no such thing as a free lunch. It is also fairly difficult to imagine that an iTrent seminar is really going to be a strategic day out. Here I am going to agree and to disagree with both statements.

My Phase 3 Consulting colleagues and I are delighted to be inviting our clients to our annual seminar event on Tuesday 19 May, at the very elegant British Medical Association House in Tavistock Square, London. I look forward to the opportunity to welcome in one room such numbers of those appreciative of the chance to step outside of the office and share some of the very best practices and expert advice on offer, not just from those Phase 3 professionals who will be presenting, but from one another.

We may have attracted your cynicisms – and ones that as a customer in all manner of commercial contexts I have shared – with our offer here of a free lunch. We hear that there is no such thing. You may also have raised an eyebrow as we suggest a strategic day, suitable for project leaders, heads and decision-makers within your organisation’s iTrent context. Is this something we say to justify your day out? How do we propose to “be strategic” for our day?

To offer you strategy, I need according to Greek origin to demonstrate the “art of the general or troop leader”. I am quite good at being bossy, but I will instead work with the Oxford English dictionary’s easier definition of helping you to “plan actions that achieve a long-term or overall aim”.

In this, Phase 3 Consulting are happy to share the responsibility for our seminar day – with you. We undertake to fill an agenda with content from our consultants combining years of experience in the HRIS market and in the winning position of independence to take the holistic view.

Our sessions will cover how to build capability and talent, and the modelling of robust transactional process for the longer-term. We will look at different approaches, at the longer-term, at the impacts. We give you the opportunity to hear different opinion from our expert panel members. And I hope you will look forward to the iTrent “serenity prayer” – a focus on strategic attitude in the specific territory of the iTrent project and its lifespan.

On your part, I invite you to do a little prep. These questions we can ask but we need you to answer:

What is your “long term or overall” plan?

Which are the missing links the 100 or so delegates in this room can join up for you?

What are you likely to have in common, or not, with those people?

And what are you left needing to listen out for from the Phase 3 speakers?

Use the networking space to its full advantage and allow us to help you make the most of that by pointing you in the right directions.

Please note that reasonable fall-back plans are to pop your strategic head on, think this through on the train, arrive full of energy and make a “strategic” bid for the table with the best view of the sandwiches. Which, yes, are of course free.

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