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Kate and Assad Do Business – Otherwise Known as Chalk and Cheese

There is a chalk and cheese conundrum for HR and technology in general – and the analogy suits me, because my conviction is that such matches are those made for success. Louise Johnston and I take to the tech world with personal beliefs that it is from a place of natural aversion that the embracing of technologies and of digital allows the professional to complete an armoury. This is a point we want to open up to our clients soon for you.
And so, I am averse to social media and yet I use it. I see that the chalk to my cheese is my complement. Assad and I have “done business” for eons now (we are desperately old) and he’s encouraged me to vlog – find us here.
“In my mind, business is simple. It’s about people, products/services and relationships. Combine these together and what comes out the other end is revenue, margin and hopefully a successful business. In this ever-changing digital world, it’s important to remember that people are still at the heart of business.  ‘Kate & Assad do Business’ is about highlighting this as well as the relationship that Kate and I have and discussing the nuances that can shape a business. It’s a chance for us to give back what we have learned on our own journey and to have a little fun along the way”.   [Assad Ahmed, Founding Director, Phase 3 Consulting]
Tech, chalk, digital, social media may not be your style but, at the very least, life is about appreciating differences which is one reason why the best success with any tech really needs that people skill.
For more about the Phase 3 culture – and in a style, that’s more my cheese – read here our guide to the small company super-glue that keeps you together through growth. If you enjoy the vlogs, then a bonus.

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