Hypotheses Kate on HR Tech for 2018

Blue Skies ahead but Plenty Cloud on the Horizon

For the start of 2017, I wrote about how the HR technology industry looked set to be rather more cloud than blue-sky.

A year on and I’m buoyant that the skies are bright for people technologies, not too dismayed at the trends I pointed to a year ago (thank heavens!) and still asking HR, Finance and business leadership to look up to those skies and aspire for more with their systems of choice.

I think it’s hard, and particularly so if your organisation is not US-centric, to find informed whole-of-market insight into what is really happening in the HR systems industry. There are enjoyable and admirable bodies of research from the most respected sources, such as Bersin for DeloitteSierra Cedar and PwC all of which I keep a watch on for you here. In the UK it is, by the way Fosway that currently do I believe the best job of seeking evidence and turning it into information. But there is little that is more precisely relevant on anything but the very largest of scale.

At Phase 3 Consulting, without the power of extra big-industry big-data, let us aim to apply the independent consulting expertise that we have for me to offer some triangulation of sources, of our own watch-points and of our year’s qualitative assessments as we’ve worked with our clients.

In the 20 Hypotheses Kate HR Tech 2018 – ArticleI offer here opinion which I choose to term my 20 hypotheses about how the HR technology industry could continue to change in 2018. On each, read the headline and a brief explanation so that you can figure the impact on you and your organisation.

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Written by : Assad Ahmed

Assad founded Phase 3 in 2004 and is responsible for the strategy, growth and finances of the business.

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