HR Technology Selection Projects – Free Masterclass

Free Half Day Masterclass Workshop – HR Technology Selection Projects

London, 15th November 2018 – Hosted by Phase 3 & CIPHR

There are only a few places remaining for the free half-day HR technology masterclasses that Phase 3 are hosting with CIPHR on 15th November in central London.

Register now to secure your place and discover insider secrets to choosing the right HR software for your organisation.


Phase 3 was recently approached by CIPHR because of our expertise in providing independent HR technology consultancy. Of particular interest was the evolving area concerning how HR selects, develops and enhances HR systems technology to meet operational and strategic goals. Our Managing Director, Kate Wadia, contributed towards research for the CIPHR White Paper, “Better Together: The Future for HR Systems Integration”, published in June.


Cathryn Newbery of CIPHR interviewed Kate to talk about why HR professionals need to look beyond glossy trade shows in their quest to find the right HR software, how to tell if you need to upgrade your technology and why tender processes don’t always lead to the best result. Kate described that when she was first tasked with leading an HR systems project as part of her former in-house HR role, she “thought that was something you just did as an HR person. I found it wasn’t quite so easy; it was a desperately dark art”.

Ahead of the free HR Technology masterclass that Kate is running (with her colleague, Tony Munday), Cathryn asked a range of questions that many HR professionals face:

  • How can an HR team go about identifying a need for HR technology?
  • What are some of the signs that an existing HR solution is no longer fit for purpose?
  • What are the best ways of understanding if a product might be the right fit for your organisation?
  • Who are you seeing leading in-house HRIS projects: HR, IT or procurement teams?
  • What are some of the key causes of failed HR systems projects?
  • Are tender processes useful for helping to understand the scope of a project?

To read the full interview, click on the Q&A with Kate: “You can’t choose HR software just by asking for recommendations on LinkedIn

When are the workshops?

Two identical half-day workshops are happening in London on Thursday 15th November:

  • Morning workshop: 8.45 am to 12.45 pm
  • Afternoon workshop: 2 pm to 6 pm
  • Please see the detailed timings on the Event Information Page

Which venue?30 Euston Square - Map

The workshops will take place at the 30 Euston Square Conference Venue in London

Address:  30 Euston Square, London, NW1 2FB



Kate Wadia of Phase 3 Consulting

Tony Munday - Phase 3

Who is hosting this event?

Kate Wadia – Managing Director, Phase 3


 Tony Munday – Lead Consultant, Phase 3

Read more about your hosts on the Masterclass Event page.

What’s on the Agenda? 

Both sessions will follow the same agenda:

  • Registration and refreshments
  • Welcome from CIPHR and Phase 3
  • Making the business case for HR software
  • Coffee break
  • System selection: the right products and the right process
  • Q&A session
  • Refreshments, networking, and informal questions

CIPHR – HR and Recruitment Solutions

There will also be the opportunity to view a 15-minute, one-to-one demonstration of CIPHR’s HR and Recruitment solutions.

White Paper – “Better Together: The Future for HR Systems Integration”CIPHR White Paper - HR Systems Integration

Kate recently contributed towards the CIPHR research paper on how the landscape of HR integrations has evolved in recent years, covering:

  • How it has become easier and cheaper for HR departments to seamlessly synchronise systems
  • The benefits for HR, employees and the wider organisation of integrating HR and other people-related systems
  • Common pitfalls to watch out for
  • The emerging need for a new, more technically minded breed of HR professional
  • How to tell if you’re ready to integrate HR systems

Download the free white paper here: “Better Together: The Future for HR Systems Integration”

Event Registration Link

Click here to register for the Free, Half-Day HR Technology Selection Project Masterclass:

Any Questions?

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If you have any questions about CIPHR or the Phase 3 masterclass, please telephone: 01628 814242 or email:

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Written by : Laura Lee

Laura’s role as Head of Marketing sees her continually looking for new opportunities to tell the world how great Phase 3 is.

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