How HR software is helping businesses go green in 2022

Last year’s COP 26 summit in Glasgow really put our global climate emergency into focus. There is no planet B and we collectively need to ramp up our efforts to decarbonise our world if we want to avoid a climate disaster. 

That might sound a bit gloomy, but the good news is that loads of strides are being taken across society to reduce the amount of carbon we’re putting into the environment. We’re doing this on both a personal and professional level. 

Which leads us to the questions: what can HR software do to help a business go green in 2022? And is it really the job of the HR team to lead green initiatives in your business? 

We answer both of these questions in this article. 

Why should HR teams lead company wide green initiatives?    

When it comes to thinking up and implementing new green initiatives you’d think the responsibility would lie with a business’s leadership team. They’re the ones that decide a company’s overall strategy. So why wouldn’t they be the people to choose how green their company goes?   

But, more often than not, it’s actually a company’s HR department that plans and implements green initiatives. HR teams’ are the custodians of a company’s culture, they’re the team that communicates a business’s values and mission to its employees. HR departments can quickly and easily spread messages through a company. They know every team leader and the business’s structure better than any other department. 

This means they’re the best placed team to implement green initiatives as they know the areas within their organisation that could be improved with new green strategies.

HR teams can also use HR software tools to communicate any new initiatives with employees effectively. Whether it’s a recycling initiative or a cycle to work scheme, HR departments are measured on the success of initiatives like this so they’re more interested in their success than a company’s C-suite.

Leading green initiatives is a long term commitment. Decarbonising your business won’t happen overnight. It’ll take a sustained effort from your HR team to instigate a lasting cultural change that will guarantee any green initiatives you implement will last.

That being said, there are several ways HR software and HR teams can have an immediate impact on a business’s carbon footprint. We’ve listed all the ways you can quickly reduce your company’s carbon footprint and improve your business with new HR software below. 

HR software will lead to a paper free office

Paper production and transportation has a large carbon footprint. Cutting down trees is never good for the environment and moving masses of paper around the country in lorries adds to paper’s already large carbon footprint. 

It is true that we can always plant more trees but the time it takes for them to grow to a point where they can effectively capture carbon is quite long. Getting rid of paper in the office would reduce the demand for paper and lead to less trees getting cut down. 

That means going paperless is one of the best ways your business can reduce its carbon footprint. Onboarding some new HR software that allows for quick and clear communication digitally can greatly reduce the amount of paper you use in the office. This in turn will reduce your carbon footprint and bring your business closer to being carbon neutral. 

HR software makes remote working more viable 

Cars are a big contributor to global carbon emissions and commuting to work puts a lot of carbon dioxide into the air. HR software can help HR teams properly support employees who are remote working. This means that more of your staff will feel comfortable and able to work from home. 

Remote and hybrid working are some of the best ways to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. They minimise energy costs in the office and mean you have less employees on the road. 

It’s possible to run an effective remote working business without HR software. Many businesses had to do that during the pandemic after all. But by investing in some proper HR software that’s built to tackle the challenges thrown up by remote working you can avoid many of the growing pains and hassle that other HR will face when facilitating a business’s move to distributed teams.     

Green initiatives help you secure the best staff

In the age of the great resignation experienced staff are at a premium. The jobs market in 2022 looks set to be very candidate driven. Employees looking to move companies are spoilt for choice and there’s more jobs out there than staff able to fill them.

This means competition for talent is going to be fierce and candidates are going to choose which company they work at based on a number of factors. 

Candidates will want to work somewhere they believe in and that has a conscientious moral compass. This means businesses that take their environmental responsibilities seriously stand the best chances of finding and securing the best staff.    

If you’re going through a recruitment drive and want to find top talent make sure you let potential employees know the good work you do in reducing your carbon footprint along with your other corporate social responsibility projects. 

Do you need some help going green in 2022?

If you want to increase your businesses green initiatives or reduce your carbon footprint in 2022 Phase 3 is here to help. We’re HR specialists that help businesses and HR departments improve their processes, upgrade their technologies and make their workplaces more sustainable. 

If you’d like to hear how we can help you select a HR software that’ll reduce your carbon footprint contact us here.

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Written by : Laura Lee

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