How businesses can help employees eat well

The food we put into our bodies is what supplies it with the nutrients necessary for it to function correctly and maintain the correct energy levels. As such, it isn’t hard to make the connection between nutrition and productivity in the workplace. Having a productive workforce is essential to any employer so helping staff to eat well really is a no-brainer.

Typical workplace foods tend to be, unfortunately, on the unhealthy side. As we are working hard on our computers, we often end up reaching for comfort food like crisps, chocolates, and sugary beverages; snacking throughout the day to keep us going. However, these are just the types of foods that can hinder productivity.

Healthy eating can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and employees who are in good health are also less likely to need time off work and can, therefore, be more productive. So, how can businesses help employees eat well?

Ways business can help employees eat well

  • Providing healthier alternatives in the workplace is a great place to start. Consider it part of your role as the employer to ensure that staff have easy access to nutritious food and drink options. Don’t make it difficult to be healthy at work.
  • Roll out education campaigns. Simply by educating your employees about the dangers of unhealthy eating and the benefits of a nutritious diet can really help. Consider putting up posters and participating as a company in national campaigns/awareness weeks.
  • Give employees time to enjoy a healthy meal. When staff know they have time to make something healthier to eat or head down to the canteen, they will be less likely to grab a quick burger or snack on chocolate at their desk.
  • Introduce activities and challenges. Eating well and staying healthy doesn’t need to be boring. Your business can start team activities and challenges where staff compete or aim for a group goal. Think of ways to make this fun and even offer prizes for success.
  • Put your company’s dedication to healthy eating in writing. Talk is cheap. Make it official in your staff handbook that your company is taking nutrition seriously and that you will make sure healthy options are available.

There are many ways that businesses can help employees eat well. The benefits of encouraging your staff on the road to good health will become quickly evident, and with a little planning, you can make this a reality for your company.

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