Navigating the Tech Landscape – A System Selection Webinar

Navigating the Tech Landscape – A System Selection Webinar

Malc Coton
Malc Coton Head of Sale
Mattew Ramm
Mattew Ramm Lead Consultant

Phase 3 invites you to our Navigating the Tech Landscape webinar.

Do your systems still offer the best possible solution for your business? Join us as we explore the ever-changing landscape of people technology.

Topics Covered

Challenges in System Selection – In this section, we will explore the common hurdles that organisations face while selecting a system. These challenges include time constraints, vendor knowledge gaps, and considerations for change management and digital transformation.

System Selection Project Approach – Gain insights from seasoned professionals who have over 20 years of combined experience in forming effective project teams, managing budgets, and setting realistic timelines for successful system selection and implementation.

The Role of Consultancy – In this section, we will discuss the impact of consultancy on your team and organisation. We will focus on how embracing change, maximising efficiency through automation, and leveraging external expertise can lead to successful system adoption.

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