Phase 3 Linkedin Live with Learn Amp

What you can expect from the session

  • Partnership announcement: James Proctor at Phase 3, will officially announce our partnership with Learn Amp, highlighting the value it brings to our clients.
  • Benefits of Learn Amp: Learn why Learn Amp excels in learning development platforms and why Phase 3 is the perfect partner. From innovative features to unparalleled support, Learn Amp offers tailored solutions.
  • Benefits of Phase 3 to clients: Explore Phase 3’s advantages beyond learning and development. From tech stack decisions to system consolidation, we empower organisations for digital success.
  • Alignment as a business: Discover how our values align with Learn Amp’s for a partnership focused on mutual success.
  • Top platform considerations: Joe Hill-Wilson at Learn Amp, shares critical factors for selecting your platform, guiding your decision-making.
  • 2024: The year of learning & development: Uncover why 2024 is crucial for learning and development, with insights from Learn Amp.
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Event information
Event Type LinkedIn
Date 16/04/2024
Time 11:00am - 11:30am
Event Speakers
James Proctor
James Proctor

Chief Operating Officer

Joe Hill-Wilson
Joe Hill-Wilson

Chief Commercial Officer and Lead Solution Architect

Our Insights

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