Emails: are you empty of inbox just yet?

I write to rein in excitement about the realism of an empty email inbox and to point you towards doing the right things by the HR system capability that you are running on right now to make the most of automation. Call it email without effort!

Please be assured that my own advocacy of the latest ideas on collaborative, conversational, community-based comms is very real too. Yet we need to balance the strategic planning of tomorrow with the operational truth that is today. Many of you know that you’re at a point of systems maturity – and cultural maturity too – where to optimise the automation of emails is alone a significant step forward.

In short, if you’re not yet sure to be using your current people technologies to streamline, workflow and automate email messaging then explore more….

Read this article as an example of some great top tips on automation authored by Mike Westwood, and in this case those specific to organisations using the CoreHR product. Notice that email is still a hefty content feature.
If you would like more advice or to share your own quick wins on email automation then feel free to clutter my own inbox just a little more. Alternatively you could of course find me within the collective knowledge of a collaborative community and prove me somewhat wrong…?!

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Written by : Laura Lee

Laura’s role as Head of Marketing sees her continually looking for new opportunities to tell the world how great Phase 3 is.

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