Can office technology improve the environment?

Cutting down on excess waste and becoming more sustainable is a business goal for many. Not only can this help save money, but it can also lower a business’s impact on the environment and improve staff morale.

Technology is often thought of as something anti-eco-friendly. However, there are many ways in which technology can actually make a markable difference in the quest to become more eco-conscious. In an office environment where technology is everywhere, there are plenty of areas where office managers and businesses owners can become more sustainable.

Here are some of the ways that your office technology can positively impact your environmental output…

Reducing paper consumption

Whether it’s handing out memos, printing out emails or creating training booklets, there are plenty of reasons why the office seems to be filled to the brim with paper. This paper can include anything from vital, business information to a throwaway note left at someone’s desk whilst they are away, however, it all adds up.

Through emailing, cloud-based sharing services and hr systems, we can ensure that all of the information we need is saved and shared virtually and there is no need for reams of paper to be used on a daily basis. It also means that information can be accessed remotely, perfect for staff working on the go, instantly updated and easily shared not only across the office but across the world.

Minimising unnecessary usage

From forgetting to turn the lights off in a meeting room overnight to running air conditioning or heating unnecessarily, there are a lot of processes in the office that can turn wasteful if they are unmonitored.

With smart technology, these processes can be automated meaning that you never need to worry that you are using unnecessary energy. From installing a smart thermostat to make sure your space is the ideal temperature year-round to motion-activated lights or even socket timers, there are many easy ways that you can quickly make a difference.

Automating processes

The amount of time we spend on computers each day in the office isn’t something we have much control over if our jobs are mainly computer-based. However, how we spend that time is something we might be able to change. By spending less time on lengthy processes, we are able to instead focus on the things that need our attention and potentially spend less time staring at a screen altogether.

By utilising technology to automate long processes such as data entry or analysis, you are able to cut down potentially long tasks and allow your staff to refocus their efforts on other jobs that are more in need of a human eye. As well as this, the time spent on computers can be reduced, meaning less electrical use overall.

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Can office technology improve the environment?

The answer is yes. With the wide range of technologies now available, from making sure lights aren’t left on overnight to limiting the amount of paper used in a business and automating tasks, there are myriad ways that upgrading the technology in your office can not only save your business money but help towards saving the environment.

If you are looking to take a step towards a greener office, as HR Technology Consultants we are able to advise you every step of the way and help you to find the HR and payroll technology that fits your business needs.

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