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In recent weeks, I’ve introduced HR system selection as an Insights blog sequence. This as a year draws near a close where we at Phase 3 have worked increasingly to explore an ever-more complex market, particularly for those of our clients in what is often termed the “mid-market” (think employers of between 500 and 5,000 staff). Here is a signposting to that help from us and what to look out for in the months ahead….

  • Getting Started on System Selection (October) gives you a spring off the starting-blocks with 10 “do just one thing” actions for the project lead, to tackle at any time ahead of project initiation.
  • In November, there is food for thought on Shopping for HRIS and the fascinating phenomenon of balancing the rational and emotional importance of a major organisational purchase. It is the why and how to watch yourself in how much you invest in the selection process itself.
  • December’s insights take a key question of requirements for HRIS, which is that of Integration in the HRIS Market(and why I don’t shop at Tesco!) The pro’s and con’s these days do not always point in the same direction for you as a potential systems client.
  • Looking ahead to 2017, over the holiday period I’d like to reflect back with a review of the year and the direction we have observed, with the luxury of a consultancy team independence to stand back from particular HR system vendors and triangulate our sources from around the UK. I have some predictions for the coming 12 months. Look out for an analysis of trends (January).

Please contact Phase 3 or use my Linked In profile if you’d like to express interest in an e-book publication which will draw together a good-old read on HR systems selection; or if you’d like an invite to a 2017 seminar event about our Insight into choosing your system-to-be.
Happy Holidays ahead.
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