The Sage People Summer ‘21 Release is available now for production environments. This exciting release brings enhancements to Time Off reporting, on-demand feedback from managers and peers, improvements to Enhanced Objectives, Talent Acquisition enhancements and some new functionality surrounding I-9 and E-Verify for the US too.

What you need to know about the Sage People Summer ’21 update

Enhancements to the Sage People Summer ’21 Release include:

  • Enhancements to Time Off Reporting- This new release brings enhancements to Time Off allowing you to report on absences day-by-day and not just by the date range. You can choose which absence reasons to report day-by-day on and also backdate the day-by-day reporting for absences that have already been captured to a date specified by you. It will also take into account any Work Days Pattern and Work Schedule the Team Member may be assigned. Payflow services can also be used to export this day-by-day reporting!
  • On-demand Feedback from managers and peers- This brand-new piece of functionality is now available as part of the Performance Management package to enhance the effectiveness of the overall Performance Management process. Employees can request and view feedback about themselves or their teams from internal and external contacts. They can either use feedback templates created by HR or use their own questions which they can build out themselves in WX.
  • Improvements to Enhanced Objectives- Having rolled out Enhanced Objectives in the Spring ’21 release, there are a couple of great enhancements already available in this new release. You can now control which actions send out emails and how these email look including any extra fields you wish. You can also include branding now too to maintain that consistent experience for your employees.
  • Talent Acquisition Enhancements- There is an improved user experience and design for 4 recruitment pages using Salesforce Lightning. These are the Application, Candidate, Vacancy and Assessment pages in addition to the Forms module. A second enhancement is the extension of a previous improvement whereby existing attachments associated with Recruit objects can now be converted to Salesforce files using a new batch conversion. This is just the start of Recruit enhancements that are coming up from Sage People so keep your eyes peeled!
  • New 1-9 and E-Verify functionality- The ability for employers to send electronic I-9 forms to new hires for completion is included as part of this release. The I-9 form will be available to HR to finalize once the employee submission is complete. If required, employers can submit the I-9 form to the Federal Government through E-Verify for verification of the new hire’s eligibility to work in the US.

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