As Phase 3 prepare for 2023, we would like to remind our wonderful community to check your Bank Holiday tables and Absence Schemes in your systems, especially those of you with iTrent and who work in education with annual leave years starting in September. Many organisations we work with have moved to different ways of working with their holiday entitlements now including Bank Holidays, which of course are pro-rata based on FTE, start and end dates.

For some of you, however, this will be the first time you will have to do this, so if you are a System Administrator, please review this at least once a year to avoid issues and calculations appearing not working correctly later in the year. We have already seen a number of clients notice this, so do take the time to check your system or contact your Lead Consultant or Customer Success Manager at Phase 3 if you need some help or advice. If you’re not an existing client, feel free to get in touch too as we’re more than happy to help you.

Below you’ll find 2023’s Bank Holidays. You’ll notice that New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday and there are indeed only eight Bank Holidays rather than nine, as it may appear in the table.

If your workforce work on Sundays, then you may need to put this into your system too! Otherwise, the Bank Holiday Substitute (New Year’s Day/2nd January) would normally be the only one you enter.




1 Jan Sun New Year’s Day
2 Jan Mon New Year Holiday
7 April Fri Good Friday
10 April Mon Easter Monday
1 May Mon May Day
29 May Mon Late May Bank Holiday
28 Aug Mon August Bank Holiday
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day
26 Dec Tue Boxing Day

Contact Phase 3 today if you have any further queries about 2023 Bank Holiday and Absence Schemes.