Ensuring that employees are working to maximum productivity will be something on the minds of employers and HR managers once staff start returning to the office, no matter when that might be. If businesses are going to remain viable and the return to the office successful, finding ways to improve office productivity is important. In this article, we present some top tips for keeping workers on track and their output high.

Reduce distractions

Nothing harms productivity like distractions. So, when the return to the office happens, getting distracted with those we haven’t seen for a while and the general chatter of a busy workplace can be just one of many issues. Therefore, it’s down to employers to do what they can to reduce distractions around the office.

This can be done in a number ways, for example limiting social media use at desks but encouraging regular breaks where staff can check their phones. Making sure there is a receptionist in the office for dealing with visitors is another good move. Limiting staff meetings is also a good idea, as too many of these can break up the natural flow of work.

Make sure staff have the tools and equipment they need

It can be very frustrating when you don’t have access to the tools you need. Using out of date technology or not taking advantage of the latest industry programmes can certainly slow employees down, hurting productivity in the process. So, make sure that your employees have everything they need for their particular role.

This could be the right communications software like Microsoft Teams, access to internal file-sharing systems, or simply just replacing old computers that are slowing people down. Whatever it is that is particular to your business or industry, make sure that your staff has it. A great way to find out what would make life easier for employees is to simply ask them, so don’t be afraid to request feedback or put out an internal survey.

Set achievable goals and provide incentives

A great way to kill productivity is by having a workforce which doesn’t know their goals. By setting your staff goals you can improve focus and drive. Instead of meandering through the day, they know what is expected of them and what they should be trying to achieve. Make sure that the goals are achievable, however, as unrealistic targets can have the oppositive impact.

Once you have set these realistic goals for your staff, consider providing incentives for accomplishing them. A reward for a job well done is a great way to push staff to go that extra mile. It could be something as simple as a high street voucher, an early finish next Friday, or for achieving big goals, an extra holiday week.

Of course, the incentive of progression within your company is often the best of all. Letting staff know that their work will be rewarded with career progression, that there is room to grow within the business, will encourage a large number to knuckle-down and stand out from the pack.

Create a happy workplace

A happy workplace is a productive workplace. If staff are unhappy while working from the office, standards and output are certainly going to slip. Fortunately, there are many options available for creating a happy workplace. The source of much unhappiness at work is stress, so making sure that you are not overworking staff or creating a fear of failure are two simple ways to help with this.

Additionally, by showing employees how much they are appreciated and respected, the mood of your workplace can quickly increase. Open and honest communication, casual Fridays, wellness programmes, employee benefits, manageable workloads, and a solid support system, are all great ways to help cultivate that happy workplace environment.

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How to improve office productivity

• Reduce distractions
• Make sure staff have the tools and equipment they need
• Set achievable goals and provide incentives
• Create a happy workplace

Creating a productive office is more than achievable and we hope that the above tips have given you a push in the right direction. By taking a few simple steps and being proactive, your employees can soon be reaching new levels of performance while being a part of a happy work environment.

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