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Festival of Knowledge

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Our first ever digital festival incorporated 10 free sessions of learning. Each event was hosted and presented by one of our expert team and covered topics directly relevant to the ever changing world of HR technology.

We also incorporated our user groups into the week of events. The groups were system specific and designed to facilitate networking, knowledge and best practice exchange. 

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iTrent User group

The agenda was set by both you as the audience members and us as your hosts. This session, hosted by Louise Johnston (Customer Success Manager), Adam Ford (Head of Payroll Services) and Paul Mckeown (Consultant and Business Objects Wizard)  covered: 

  • An update on Furlough – and the reconciliation process with HMRC
  • Leave and Absence best practice 
  • Absence reporting and statistics – and how to present the data 
  • Using iTrent for supporting home working 
  • Our 10 top tips for Electric  
  • Question and Answer Session

12 Steps to People Technology Success

Our online session delivered by James Proctor (Director of Consulting and Services) and Louise Johnston (Customer Success Manager) will run through each of the 12 steps, including Business case, system selection, stakeholder communications and engagement, data migration, go live, project wrap up and better business as usual –  giving plenty of top tips, practical advice and access to lots of resources to help your HR and Payroll systems projects be successful.  

From the inception of the business case to the handover into BAU, we provide an indicative project timeframe to explain the way and the why of a project step-by-step.


CoreHR user group

The agenda was set by both you as the audience members and us as your hosts. This session, hosted by James Proctor (Director of Consulting and Services), Mike Westwood (Lead Consultant) and Nisha Mistry (Consultant) covered: 

  • Getting to Grips with Portal – Our Experiences
  • Socially Distanced Onboarding
  • BI Discoverer v Core Insights
  • Using The Data Migration Tool to Tidy your Data
  • Questions and Answers – Live  

Your HR Systems Annual Health Check

Join Phase 3’s Head of Partner Delivery, Simon Davis and Director of Consulting and Services, James Proctor for an interactive session discussing how to conduct an annual Health Check (or MOT) of your HR systems. With practical tips and useful guidance this session is ideal for those involved in maintaining HR systems. We discussed: 

  • How to benchmark your HR and Payroll Technology  
  • Activities you should prioritise 
  • How to develop systems  
  • Top tips for testing and upgrades

Sage People user group

Our User Groups are based on our conviction that informed clients have the best opportunity to engage with expert teams and achieve project success by getting people together and seeing the sharing of best practice at work.

Our aims are to facilitate networking, knowledge and best practice exchange in relation to Sage People.   

This session was hosted by Simon Davis (Head of Partner Delivery) and Henrietta Brain (Project Managercovered: 

  • How to get the best out of Salesforce Lightening
  • People Management Workflow
  • Maximising your Turnover Reports 
  • Engaging your Workforce with WX 
  • Questions and Answers – Live

Simple Strategies to bring your People and Systems One Step Closer

Explore the realities of HR systems, payroll, e-recruitment and people data reporting in a way that is meaningful for you right now. Digital people strategy is a great aspiration but few have quite got there yet! 

In this session you can

  • Find out the realities of what’s going on in other organisations like yours 
  • Learn more about your options for HR systems, payroll, e-recruiting and HR reporting 
  • Ask questions about how you can choose and use both products and suppliers 
  • Understand the typical ‘journey’ towards growth and maturity with HR technology 

Payroll Reporting – The Necessary and the ‘How To’

Approving the payroll is often a daunting task for both those approving and those who have to create the reports and detail for those managers who are approving!  

This session hosted by Louise Johnston (Customer Success Manager) draws on the experience of Managing a payroll function and process without being a payroll professional. Marilyn Summers (Customer Success Manager), shares top tips from her audit background and discusses the practicalities of checking and approving payrolls – with Paul McKeown (Consultant) sharing top tips for creating meaningful payroll analytics to support the payroll approval process.  If you are, or aren’t a payroll professional you will find this session useful. 

An Introduction to ‘Connect’ our People Technology Resource Hub

Connect, our online People Technology resource hub, was developed by Phase 3 with the simple aim of adding value to the HR & Payroll community.

In this session Assad Ahmed, our Founding Director, talks you through the features and benefits of the various modules that make up Connect, including; 

  • System Selection Tool
  • HR Systems Benchmarking Tool 
  • Insights Hub 
  • Events Calendar 
  • Resources & Templates 

People Analytics - Demystified

People analytics is still a mystery to many HR and Payroll professional. James Proctor (Director of Consulting and Services) and Amr Sultan (Lead Consultant) discuss: 

  • What is People Analytics 
  • The People Analytics Maturity Journey 
  • What are the steps to achieving people analytics 
  • Where could you go with people analytics – some examples 
  • Technologies and Tools – getting practical with people analytics 
  • The skillset involved – understanding the skills and the people you need to involve 

People Technology Expert Panel

To round off our week at the festival of Knowledge a small collection of the HR & Payroll technology experts created an expert panel to answer your questions on: 

  • Successful Technology Projects
  • HR and Payroll Technology 
  • Getting the most out of people technology 
  • Payroll and HR Legislation 
  • Practical tips for iTrent, CoreHR, Sage People  

Our resident David Dimbleby (Assad Ahmed) chaired the panel.


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