Never mind the navigating of the tech itself; first navigate the navigators!
I regret how very hard it is for organisational functional and project teams to work out who is who in the world of HR technology – distinguishing between different job titles within the product suppliers or daily-rate consultants at greatly differing rates, for example.
This Smooth Steps to Success Series – Part 6 of 12 of the Significant Steps you need for a smooth HR technology implementation:  is close to my heart therefore. Hard to author with real objectivity, given the calibre of the consultants I’m surrounded by, but I assure that I have tried for you:
Most interesting is, I suspect, a somewhat bold assessment that I include about which type of person to engage in which circumstance – who does what best and when.
Many mistakes are made when it comes to resourcing people technology projects and I summarise those mistakes with 3 most common: under-resourcing, reliance on one single person and assuming you have no choice. I trust that this feature helps you avoid those typical pitfalls. With the utmost efforts to offer impartiality, if I and we may offer you more advice from Phase 3, please do get in touch.

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