We’re featuring here my Smooth Steps to Success Series, which is in 12 parts guiding you end-to-end through people technology projects.
Find the complete series, as published in partnership with HR Zone here:
This part is all about HR as the Professional Project Manager in the context of HR technology projects – or rather HR professionals working with a project mind-set if in the (advisable) position of working alongside internally-appointed project experts.
My own entry-point into the world of HR tech inspired much of the content here: I was ill prepared for the steep learning curve and vastly under-estimating the difference between how I had been trained as a ‘people person’ (we tend to think of ourselves that way!) compared to a natural method and toolbox of technique that comes with starting careers thought to be more technical.
This guide will introduce you to some of the basic concepts of projects and explains too why it’s worth developing those abilities for other types of HR change mission too. I point you towards how you can work most successfully to make the best of the project experts you do manage to engage and how to engage them in the first place. Importantly, I hope that the list of small strategies you can deploy if you need to manage alone, which is an example of a concept included in the formal Prince 2 method called ‘tailoring’.
If you are already skilled in project management, then have a read simply to appreciate how the other half think!
Here is the guide:
If you’d like a touch more detail from me on project management then try this light take on the JD for a Project Manager
I invite you also to contact me –  kate.wadia@phase3.co.uk  if you are interested in development opportunities for yourself or your team in how to manage people technology projects.

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