Phase 3, consultants in HR technology, have our head office in Manchester, which is always a hive of activity, but our office locations also reach into the rolling hills of Yorkshire with our processing centre and consultancy offices in Wakefield, in the west of the district. Wakefield is often referred to as the ‘Northern Powerhouse’, a term I personally don’t like due to political observations!

Why Wakefield?

Quite simply, as Head of Services and Consulting, it made sense to locate in my home town for a few practical reasons and, somewhat selfishly, I pushed for Wakefield. Wakefield is a vibrant district, more than just the 5 towns or the ‘Rhubarb Triangle’, and it is also a hot-spot for industry.

Wakefield is Growing

Clearly, our boundaries do not move but the number of households and businesses in the area is growing significantly. Lots of manufacturing work happens in the district. Big, household names have distribution centres and warehouses here and we have plenty of business parks filled with skills-based companies.

Wakefield is Regenerating

The regeneration of the high streets, education provision and tourist attractions are phenomenal. Wakefield is unrecognisable from even five years ago. Retail remains strong in the district which is something not many areas can say and there are hundreds of great bars, restaurants and fine, casual eateries popping up on a daily basis.

Wakefield is Friendly

Yes, your car is safe in a Wakefield car park! Proximity to other major towns and cities means that Wakefield does have close links and networks. The community spirit in Wakefield is strong, as is the third sector and the Local Authority offer. We have major motorways running around the boundary of the district, meaning you can be in London in around three hours by car and in less than two hours by train (until HS2 takes off!).

Business Week

Local Networking Opportunities

Phase 3 have joined Wakefield Bondholders and the Yorkshire Mafia. We want our presence known in the district as we know we can help. Last week, we attended the Wakefield Business Conference which is run in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce. It was so exciting to learn about future plans for the district and to meet so many of the other businesses in the area.

This week sees us at Leeds Business Week with a session on 10th October run by Kate Wadia, covering HR and Technology: Simple strategies to bring your people and systems one step closer. We really appreciate attending these events as they offer a great insight into the district, its citizens and its business network.

What lies ahead for Phase 3 is more growth in our Wakefield base – a place we are proud to call our second home.

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