If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. 

That’s the phrase (or variations of) you’ll hear across businesses whenever someone broaches the idea of switching and upgrading finance software.

It’s a completely natural position to take too, especially for critical operations surrounding finance, payroll, and even HR. It’s not let you down so far, so why change it?

Organisations utilising software such as Sage 50, 100, 200 and 300 will have benefited from what used to be market-leading software at the time of sign-up. But when should you consider migrating to the most advanced solution now available? 

In short, is it time to consider upgrading to Sage Intacct?

Signs it’s time to consider an upgrade

Whilst your existing finance platform may have proven reliable over the years, that doesn’t mean it’s providing the best solution for your organisation. 

And there are some tell-tale signs that your current processes and tech stack is starting to underperform compared to what the likes of Sage Intacct can offer. 

Consider these five questions:

  1. Are you spending more time than you’d like carrying out reporting in Excel, or related spreadsheet software, because your finance software lacks the available fields or data quality to create the analysis you need?
  2. Are you struggling to meet report deadlines, or generally taking longer than you’d like to create accurate reports using data from various sources?
  3. Do you have siloed financial data that you can’t automatically bring into one place for analysis, such as from different business units?
  4. Can you access your finance and accounting software from anywhere, at any time, in a secure way? Or do you need to be in the office on one machine that has access?
  5. Do you or new starters comment on how your current software’s capabilities or user interfaces feel clunky, limited and outdated?

These are five good signals that it’s about time you start thinking about upgrading that finance platform. And if you’re going to invest resources into making that change, then it’s likely that the best solution for your business may be one of the best solutions on the market right now in Sage Intacct.

What is Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct is a market-leading cloud accounting platform, rated number one in customer satisfaction on software comparison site G2.

It offers a range of financial management solutions and deep accounting capabilities, utilising AI and powerful integrations, and is presented with easy-to-customise and powerful dashboards. 

It’s a particularly popular solution for firms within financial services, software, healthcare, hospitality and professional services and has been shown to deliver up to a 250% return on software investment for businesses that migrate to it with a payback of less than six months. 

If your organisation has multiple entities, has to comply with different sets of legislation, or manages various countries and currencies, then it’s the ideal finance partner for your teams. 

Migrating to Sage Intacct

Knowing you would benefit from migrating to a new system is one thing. Finding the internal resource and expertise to manage the switch is another. 

One of the key reasons why businesses don’t upgrade their tech stack is because of the work involved, and the potential for downtime and other migration-related issues too. 

Download now: Switching payroll providers – where to start

But there is a way you can enjoy the benefits of upgrading your finance platform to the market-leading solution, without the associated headaches. 

At Phase 3, we’re Sage Intacct implementation specialists. We partner with Sage to provide independent consultancy for firms looking to invest in the leading cloud accounting solution, from implementation planning and management through to go-live testing and training support too. 

Because we are independent consultants, our clients benefit from both our in-depth knowledge ofabout your chosen technology and an objective perspective.

Interested in upgrading to Sage Intacct without the internal struggle to manage the migration yourself? Then a conversation with Phase 3 is a great place to start. 

Learn more about our payroll implementation services right here.