What's happening at this year's Phase 3 Festival of Knowledge?

Knowledge is the gateway to many things in life. The more you know the more you can grow. Knowledge lets you acquire skills that’ll give you greater fulfilment in both your professional and personal life. 

We know how transformative knowledge can be for people. That’s why we’ve put together The Festival of Knowledge. We want to create an event that will help our community level up their understanding of HR and payroll processes and HR technologies. The festival aims to do just that.     

What is the festival of knowledge all about?

The Phase 3 Festival of Knowledge brings together some of the best and brightest from HR and Payroll. We’ll discuss the issues that are facing our sector today and some of the exciting developments and HR solutions of tomorrow. 

This two day online event focuses on the ever-changing world of People Technology. It has interactive sessions which are collaborative, insightful and engaging. The festival will cover topics such as: Demystifying AI in HR, Our Experiences of Implementing New Technology, How to solve problems in Payroll, and a training session for Developing a Consciously Inclusive Culture.

Our roster of speakers is made up of partners, clients and special guests. All industry leaders who have a wealth of HR, Payroll and business experience. We have guests from Sage People, Ceridian, CIPP, Unit4 and many more. So, whatever HR and Payroll related topics you’re interested in there’ll be a talk for you at the Festival.   

The festival is also a great opportunity to expand your network and meet new peers within the HR and Payroll industries. You can chat with other experts about the problems you’re currently facing in your department and seek advice from others who’ve been in the same situation as you.  

Why host The Festival of Knowledge?

At Phase 3 we’re passionate about sharing knowledge whether that’s with our clients, partners or the general public. As a HR Software consultancy we work tirelessly to upskill our customers on the deployment and effective management of HR and Payroll software

We also apply this same ethos to our events and festivals. That may sound a bit counter-intuitive, we’re a HR consultancy after all, surely our expertise is what keeps our office lights on. Why give it away for free?

We give it away for free because we believe collaboration and knowledge sharing is the best way to upskill our entire sector. If we can help a few more companies improve their HR process or reduce the errors in their payroll then that’s reason enough for us.

Who’s speaking?

We have 21 sessions happening across 2 days which are a mixture of lectures, breakout rooms, and practical sessions along with end of day de-briefs, afternoon roundups and opening keynote talks. 

You can find the festival’s whole program here. Festival of Knowledge Agenda

Lots of the sessions will be run by the team from Phase 3 but we also have a whole host of guest speakers leading sessions on both days. Below are some of the guest speakers we’re looking forward to watching: 

Professor Paul McGee 

When: 12th October  9:50am 

Leading the first day of talks with a session on getting the best out of ourselves is Professor Paul McGee aka ‘The Sumo guy’. Paul will be kicking off the festival by sharing 4 key strategies that can help us get the best out of ourselves, others and life. Paul is a charismatic presenter who always adds a lot of life to his talks so be prepared to laugh as well as learn.  

Dean Forbes

When: 13th October  9:50am

Former CEO of Access Group and CoreHR, Dean Forbes is our keynote speaker for day 2. He’s currently the CEO at Forterro and will be leading the conversations on Wednesday by sharing his thoughts on the changes happening in the HR and payroll sectors.  

Samantha Johnson 

When: 13th October 10:45am 

Currently the Policy Lead at the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, Samantha Johnson will be discussing the problems faced regularly by Payroll departments and how these issues can end up affecting an entire company. She’ll also discuss moving away from the traditional payroll model and instead adopting a more strategic approach to payroll management. 

Alastair Logan

When: 13th October 10:45am

Technology is the key to improving employee satisfaction and engagement in the 21st century. That’s the driving point of this mid-morning session by Alastair Logan, the leading EMEA Value Advisory Principal at Ceridian. He’ll be exploring how employee experience is pivotal in the context of today’s world of work and how HCM technologies can help with crucial HR challenges faced by businesses today. 

David Gulliver 

When: 13th October 11:45am 

Closing Wednesday morning’s programming is Sage People Implementation Consultant David Gulliver. In his session David will highlight the importance of people analytics to a company and share how you can deliver meaningful people insights to your own organisation.    

When is the festival and how can you take part?

The festival is happening on the 12th and 13th of October. The entire festival will take place online and entry is 100% free. You can sign up to attend the festival using this page. See you on the 12th & 13th October.