The Sage People Spring ‘21 Release is now available for customer production environments, offering further enhancement to the experience of users in WX, those using Objectives and Time/Absence processes,  updates to the mobile app features and much more. In this rundown, we reveal some of the enhancements you can look forward to from the update.

What you need to know about the Sage People Spring ’21 update

Enhancements to the Sage People Spring ’21 Release include:

Enhanced objectives – Enables you to work in a more agile and responsive way, tracking and updating objectives in real time, collaborating across teams and projects using the shared goals and transparent objectives functionality. All of which can be configured in the system to closely align with your own performance management processes making it easier for managers to monitor and manage progress against their team’s objectives.

• Improved self-service UX – Following extensive feedback from customers, this latest release delivers a number of improvements for the self service WX portal (with more to come!). There is enhanced navigation as well as more prominent use of colours to enhance your branding and make your self service portal really feel like the face of HR within your business. Plus, slicker and more responsive user-friendly tiles and improvements to accessibility should all help engage your workforce.

• Time and absence improvements – Sage People have worked hard to improve the error handling and usability of the pop-up screen for recording absences as well as the ability to track absence daily, making it easier to report on and align with your pay periods. There is also a change in the look of partial day absences in the WX calendar and a more structured accrual log for all types of absences.

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• Bonus payments– The Spring ‘21 Sage People Release adds greater functionality to the compensation planning capabilities by making it easier and more flexible to award bonus payments using specific formulas to calculate the bonus.

• Mobile – Sage People continue to make excellent progress with their mobile offering to support your HR teams, managers and employees alike. Users can now save vacations straight to a chosen calendar on their mobile. Managers can review, approve and reject any absence action directly from the mobile app and People Management Workflow will now be fully responsive on mobile, providing a much-improved experience for a workforce that is on the go and no doubt working flexibly.

• Payroll API’s (Beta) – An automated, inbound data integration has now been launched! This means your once configured payroll data can now automatically transfer accurately and securely from a third-party payroll software saving manual intervention and hours of work each pay period.

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