Over the next year Phase 3 will take you on a HR Technology project journey. Delivered via free Webinars, ‘take home’ workbooks and tons of resources our CPD accredited content will guide the HR professional through how to navigate, success and lead with HR technology project-work.

From the inception of the project and business case to the handover into BAU, these 12 significant opportunities for smooth success are explained. In each part, find practical advice and method, small tips and key questions answered. This is your toolkit to get the results that are important to HR and to the wider business.

Here is your signpost to each step – Click here to register for the full programme which starts on the 15th February. The course content will be emailed to you.

How to Navigate the 12 Steps

  • We recommend you start by reading the series from the beginning, even if just for a skim – getting ahead and abreast of the project issues ahead is one clear leverage on your project success.
  • After that you may wish to use this sign-posting to dip in and out of different stages as you make progress, checking back for reference.
  • Offer relevant sections to your stakeholders in all directions and to your project team members responsible for delivering each part of the project. Use your internal and external advisers for more detailed guidance in the topics you spot that are proving most tricky for you.

Part 1: How to make the case for HR technology implementation

Identify the potential benefits of HR technology, learn how to structure your business case and how to appeal to your audience.           

Part 2: System Selection: How to make the Right Choice

Explore a market overview and context for choosing an HR system, appreciating your key considerations of choice.

Part 3: System Selection: Creating the Right Process

Learn the steps involved in system selection and make sure that your process supports rather than de-rails the right choices.

Part 4: Implementation Tasks: Documents and Discovery

Do your homework to get ready for project kick-off. Read advice on how to negotiate the optimum contract terms and get your data and business processes in good shape.

Part 5: Planning the Project: HR as the Professional PM

Gain a new skill-set in applying project method to your approach with HR technology, including the basics of methods and simple tactics.

Part 6: Sorting the Stakeholders: Who is who in HR Tech

Learn about the different types of expertise available to you and the context in which each will work best for you. Compose an appropriate project Board and engage with external professionals well-advisedly.

Part 7: HR Technology Implementation: the Building Blocks

Understand how to make informed choices about configuration, design and build of the HR system during implementation. Get the best out of your consultancy time.

Part 8: Testing Times: UAT, Testing, Pilot and Parallel Run

Differentiate between these types of testing and learn how to plan and carry out each of them well.

Part 9: Talking about Training and Communications

Engage end-users effectively with experience-led advice. Create a structured communications plan and organise effective training.

Part 10: The Go-live Milestone: Getting it out there!

Learn what happens at the point of going live and how to reduce the technical, organisational and cultural risks of this key milestone.

Part 11: Supporting Success: How to Safeguard the Early Days

Achieve optimum support in early days from your managed and hosted service providers and super-users internally. Engage in the wider user community.